Wine 201

Wine 201

An opportunity to dive into topics the group may have encountered while previously beginning to build their own basic wine knowledge.

There will be plenty of time for questions as we cover everything from best practices for ordering wine in a restaurant to when to decant a wine, to the best drinking windows for older bottles.

Extensive wine experience isn’t necessary, but the class will be most appealing to those with at least an established interest in wine. All participants will receive their choice of a bottle of white or red.

For virtual tastings, we have several nationally recognized sommeliers available to lead your group.

No one left out: For those who would like an alternative to wine, we offer a curated selection of non-alcoholic beverages that ensure the same level of complexity and delicious flavors.

In-Person Tastings

San Francisco Bay Area | Los Angeles | Chicago

$75 per person

Non-alcoholic beverages: $45 per person

Gourmet snack pairings: $30 per person


Virtual Tastings

For Team Members Around the County

$150 per person (shipping included)

Non-alcoholic beverages: $75 per person (shipping included)

Gourmet snack pairings: $60 per person (shipping included)