All Natural, All Good Wine Tasting

All Natural, All Good Wine Tasting

The San Francisco Chronicle has released no fewer than twelve columns on natural wine in just the past year. So what is natural wine and what is all the hype about? This class will explore a range of topics including the differences between sustainable, organic, and biodynamic grape growing, as well as the role winemakers play in crafting wines that can truly be classified as natural.

Although a few slides will be shown, the class will maintain a laid back, natural vibe throughout.

All participants will receive two bottles of natural wine, so roommates and loved ones are welcome to join in virtually or those in attendance can take some home.

In-Person Tastings

San Francisco Bay Area | Los Angeles | Chicago

$75 per person

Non-alcoholic beverages: $45 per person

Gourmet snack pairings: $30 per person


Virtual Tastings

For Team Members Around the County

$150 per person (shipping included)

Non-alcoholic beverages: $75 per person (shipping included)

Gourmet snack pairings: $60 per person (shipping included)